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For nearly Five decades experience in the manufacture of surgical blades, Kehr Surgical is today setting new standards in quality and precision. Our product range covers Surgical Blades, Disposable Scalpels, Mini Scalpels, Surgical Blade Handles, Stitch Cutters, Gouge Blade, Industrial blades and a wide variety of specialized blades. Each of these are handled with the utmost care and precision. They are first packed in accordance with the most stringent international standards and then sterilized by gamma radiation. All, so that when you place your trust in our products, you get not just the benefits of superb precision and uncompromising quality but also the reassurance of the highest standards of hygiene and sanitation.

Needless to mention that Kehr Surgical is ISO 13485 certified as well as accredited to EN 46002 enabling us to CE mark medical devices under the Medical Device Directive (93/42/EEC)

Product Range

Surgical blades are available in the following sizes 10, 10A, 11, 11R, 12, 15, 15D, 18, 20, 21, 22, 22A, 23 ,24, 25 & 36. They are made of either Carbon steel or Stainless steel (sterile or non-sterile) singly packed in peel open pouches with a VCI protective inner liner. A convenient number of individual pouches are boxed in a unit carton.
The surgical blades are sterilized by GAMMA RADIATION complying to EN ISO 11137-1:2015 and EN ISO 11137-2:2015
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Disposable scalpels consist of a surgical blade attached to a plastic handle. Scalpels have been designed with your safety in mind. A clear plastic guard covers the blade.This provides protection to the edge, prevents damage to the packaging and allows safe disposal after use. Disposable scalpels are sterilized by Gamma radiation.
Disposable scalpels are sold individually packed in boxes of 10. We can also supply in bulk packs.

KSPL Scalpel Blades

Mini scalpel consists of a small plastic handle fitted with a surgical blade made of stainless steel of Size 10, 11 or 15 . A clear plastic guard covers the blade. This provides protection to the edge, prevents damage to the packaging and allows safe disposal after use. Mini scalpels are ideal for use in various kits.
Mini scalpels are sold in bulk pack with 100 scalpels to a pouch.

Kehr Surgical Private Limited Mini Scalpel

BP handles are made of stainless steel .They are available in sizes 3 & 4. The handles conform to EN 27740:1992. Our range of handles guarantees proper fitment with surgical blades conforming to ISO 7740 and offers the Surgeon a more precise feel for better control.

Kehr Surgical Private Limited Product

Description Product Code Re Order No.
BP Handle No. 3 fitment Stainless Steel (Inox) 8902283100038 10003
BP Handle No. 4 fitment Stainless Steel (Inox) 8902283100045 10004

We are registered members of EAN and have adopted barcoding of all products using EAN.UCC numbering standards. Each product in our range is given a unique 13 digit EAN article number to facilitate identification of the product at the retail level. The Product Code indicated above corresponds with the 13 digit EAN article number allotted by us.

Standard sterile disposable stitch cutter is made of the highest-grade surgical Swiss Carbon steel and requires no handle for use. The stitch cutter has a rounded point to prevent skin punctures, which makes it ideal to remove small stitches. Stitch cutters are sold individually foil packed with a protective VCI liner in GAMMA sterile boxes. Stitch cutter fully conforms to the European Medical Device Directive and is CE marked. Products are sterilized by GAMMA radiation to a minimum dosage of 2.5 M Rad. Samples are drawn from each LOT sent for sterilization to conduct sterility tests.

When you buy KIATO CE marked products you have the assurity of knowing that each blade is individuality inspected at several stages enabling us to bar code each carton with an individual carton number for your total safety. Moreover each box is also bar coded as per EAN 13 norms to facilitate inventory control, tracking and point of sales applications.

Long Stitch Cutter

Long Stitch Cutter
Standard Stitch Cutter

Standard Stitch Cutter
Small Stitch Cutter

Small Stitch Cutter

We are one of the leading producers of surgical blades in the world. We utilize for nearly Five decades experience of producing the finest surgical blades to bring you a line of blades suitable for Hobby, Home & Industry. The same care, precision and attention to detail is used to produce the line of hobby blades. All our blades fit any standard make of handles. As an ISO 13485 / ISO 9001 registered Company we follow a well laid down Quality Assurance Programme which is why for long we are known as the Smart choice for sharp Blades.

Kehr Surgical Private Limited Product Blades

Hobby Blade No 10
No.10 Blade - General Purpose
For general cutting, light craving, slicing
Hobby Blade No 12
No. 12 Blade - Mini Curved Carving
For delicate cutting
Hobby Blade No 22
No.22 Blade - Large Blade
For long heavy cuts and initial shaping
Hobby Blade No 23
No. 23 Blade - Corner Stripping
For corner cuts especially confined spaces
Hobby Blade No 25
No. 25 Blade - Contoured Blade
Large blade for heavy pressure cutting
Hobby Blade No 28
No.28 Blade - Concave Carving Blade
2 5/16" concave blade for curved shaping

Kehr Surgical Private Limited Product Knife
Kehr Surgical Private Limited Product

Number 1 Knife
For precision cutting
5" long made of aluminium alloy for extra strength. For fine cuts
Kehr Surgical Private Limited Product
Gouge blade 1
Kehr Surgical Private Limited Product
Gouge blade 2
Kehr Surgical Private Limited Product
Gouge blade 3
Kehr Surgical Private Limited Product
Gouge blade 4
Kehr Surgical Private Limited Product
Gouge blade 5
Kehr Surgical Private Limited Product
Gouge blade 6
Kehr Surgical Private Limited Product
Gouge blade 8
Kehr Surgical Private Limited Product
Gouge blade 10
Kehr Surgical Private Limited Product
Gouge blade 12
Kehr Surgical Private Limited Product
Gouge blade 15
Kehr Surgical Private Limited Product
Gouge blade 18

We are proud of the fact that many industries choose our surgical blades for various industrial uses such as for slitting films, plastic, rubber and many other uses including tissue culture. Even though the application is not for surgical purposes the requirement is critical as a poor quality blade leads to higher down time which means lower productivity. Our high quality surgical blades consistently offer higher life and better performance when compared to other brands. Some of the sizes popular with industrial users are given below.


If you have such a requirement please contact us and we shall make you a special offer for the right blade for your requirement at very attractive prices.

For nearly 5 decades, Kehr Surgical Pvt. Ltd. has serviced the need of many medical product manufacturers and marketers for quality blades and scalpels under their own brand names. By adding these products to their lines, they increase their sales potential by offering their customers better value for money. Superior product quality leads to enhanced reputation, while avoiding the overhead costs of development and production.
Private label products are manufactured to ISO 13485 / ISO 9001.
Each OEM or Private Label product recieves the highest level of attention to quality and consistency that we are know for through our own brands.

Our engineering and technical expertise allows us to design, develop and manufacture new products to customer specifications with minimum turnaround time .
We welcome specific requests.