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Feedabck received from members of IAGES
Name City Comments
Dr. Puneet Agarwal Agra Very Good Blade.
Dr. Prof. Ashok Kumar Saraf Kolkata Well Designed Blade.
Dr. Pramod Jain Bhopal Blades are of Good Quality.
Dr. Mahendra K. Agarwal Agra Never Enjoyed Surgery without Surgeon Blade " SURGEON'S Delight".
Dr.S.V. Karmarkar Mumbai It is an excellent innovation , Lifted point is certainly a good improvement. I am sure it will give cutting edge to your business.
Dr. R.P. Jindal Panipat Wonderful, I have been using since years.
Dr. S.P. Johri Alwar A need fullfilled for fatty patients operations.
Dr. Jayadeva Bihar Today I used this blade. I found it much useful in thick fatty tissue as indicated by you. Probably I will be using max & max of it in future.
Dr. R.Harchandani Poktani Previously I was using blade No. 21 (Surgeons) but this is much better than previous.
Dr. M.S. Sethi Ludhiyana Good - Better than before.
Dr. A. Bagchi Gorakhpur Surgeons are born with 'SURGEON'.
Dr. Pushpendra Panwar Meerut Better then before.
Dr. Manoj Kr. Ghosh Kolkata Due to sharpness & excellent size , it cuts the right depth with controlled pressure no ragged edges or incomplete cut.
Dr. P. Khurana New Delhi Excellent Blades.
Dr. S.P. Gattni Udaipur New 23 size is wonderful in size and shape, but not freely available.
Dr. Neelesh Bansal Bhatinda New 23 size blade gives clean, sharp cut, as the laser is in your, Hand.
Dr. Neeraj Saxena New Delhi It makes me feel like singing ' Sing Mohammed Ali - I am greatest ' ( Surgeon ofcourse).
Dr. A.K. Sharma Pathankot Product & Quality looks & Feel Par - Excellence.
Dr. Pran Vir Singh Agra Lajawab hi, hakikat mein badalta khawab hi , use karnko Surgeon betab hi.
Dr. K.K. Agarwal Agra To make small incision 2-3 cm. (mini hole) we use tip of the blade to cut , which to nit as sharp as the rest of body.
Dr. Bharat K. Panchal Ahmedabad 100 % best performance.
Dr. Ajay Munthi Allahabad Excellent.
Dr. Shashank Maheswari Mathura Good Size & Shape.
Dr. S.P. Dash Berhampur The excellent cutting power of the blade born superficial to deep tissue with better visibility of deeper tissue makes the incision precise & smooth.
Dr. George Mathen Koothttukulam It is perfect in every way. You should have introduced it long before ! . We expect more innovation from your R & D. Do maintain this perfection in future.
Dr. Surendra Goyal Sirsa It cut excellent upto 1.5" fat & Clean sweap. Keep it up, Serve HUMANITY in better way.
Dr. Avinash Supe Mumbai It cuts like butter. It is a boon to Surgeon.
Dr. R.P. Sahu Dist Sidhi New 23 size blade is handy sharp & Long Lasting for repeated use.
Dr. Peeyush Ratn Delhi Surgeon's Blade has got excellent cutting edge and requires minimum pressure to cut.
Dr. Kuldip Singh Ludhiyana Quality Product smooth cutting , Can Watch the Inferior tissue while cutting , Cutting lasts for full operation.
Dr. Ratneshwar Assam Excellent Blade.
Dr. Rajesh Singhania Nagpur It is really a excellent Blade which perform like knief on the butter even while working on thick skin & fatty tissue. Even approximation of skin is excellent.
Dr. Uday Kumar Ujjain This is time tested reliable Blade, trusted by Surgeons & Prefered.
Dr. Akshay Jodhpur Oh I was looking for a nice Blade feel my surgery rather then struggling at times.
Dr. D.M. Sidapara Rajkot The Blade for a knife Sharper than a wife.
Dr. Akhtiar Singh Gill Bathinda Excellent Surgical Blades for any type of Surgery and any No. (Size) of Blade.
Dr. K. Gopinath Hyderabad Pointed, sharp, Serves in all types of Surgeries.
Dr. Rajeshwar Sharma Gaya It is best blade in it size which Surgeons's work effortless & easy.
Dr. S.K. Chandhar Jalgaon Being Pointed tip there is no overriding.
Dr. Sarvesh Waran Coimbatore The New 23 size Surgeon Blade are a true companion to the Surgeons as it provides a clean precise sharp ( Cut) incision.
Dr. Subhash Agarwal Raipur It's good to use the new 23 Blade as it cut Sharply and with excellent precision. I am using Surgeon's Blade since last 7 years.
Dr. S.L. Soni Sikar Perfect Designed Sharp Blades.
Dr. P.Ramesh Babu Gobi Its really convenient to use in fatty obese patients. As such I am very comfortable with 10, 11 and 15 size.
Dr. N. Beswal Guwahati Very easy to divide thick & fatty tissue
Dr. Anup Baro Dibrugarh Notable improvement in Terms of Sharpness & Performance.
Dr. V. Gaur Meerut Excellent.
Dr. Shubhranka Chakrabarti Burdwan It has recommendable ergonomic 'edge' over others in the market : REALLY.

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